If you’re here, I assume you love riding motorcycles and having fun. But what I also assume is that you’re concerned about riding safely too. And that’s a great thing.

For me, the three must-have gears when I’m riding are – Riding Gloves, Helmet and Shoes.

But it wasn’t always like this. I never had gloves earlier, I thought they were unnecessary until one day I scratched my hand while overtaking in a traffic jam. 

That day, I came back home and searched for some riding gloves online. I found that there were not as many options for people looking cheap and affordable riding gloves in India. 

So I decided to do some more research and find the top affordable riding gloves that are available online.

Top Pick 

Raida Streeton Riding Gloves

Raida Streetron riding gloves

After going through all the cheap and affordable riding gloves, Raida Streeton is my top pick for the best riding gloves to buy if you don’t want to spend on a pair of riding gloves that will last. 



  • 2 layers of leather used for durability.
  • TPU moulded knuckle and finger guards.
  • Wiser Wiper: A straightforward feature for wiping your helmet wiser on the move.
  • Touch Screen Tips: Use your phone without removing these gloves.
  • Looks rugged and premium.

Top affordable riding gloves. 

joe rocket riding gloves

1. Joe Rocket Eclipse

Joe Rocket is a Canadian company specialized in manufacturing riding gear. The Eclipse is the most affordable riding gloves in their lineup. 


  • Superior Quality Leather.
  • Superior protection for knuckles and fingers
  • Designed for maximum grip
  • International Standard
  • Touch Screen Friendly


raida cruise pro

2. Raida Cruise Pro

Another affordable riding gloves from the house of Raida is the Cruise Pro. It is made from premium perforated leather which means the gloves are sturdy and will last longer. After the Streeton, the Cruise Pro is my choice of riding gloves from Raida available in India.


  • Padded palm for comfort
  • Viser viper
  • Thermoplastic knuckles for protection
  • Fully lined gloves

Zeus Airtech Carbon Motorcycle Gloves

3. Zeus Airtech Carbon Gloves. 

The Zeus Airtech Carbon is a well-engineered riding glove that won’t cost you a lot. It has been designed for comfort and safety. Zeus has used carbon fibre, EVA foam panels and mesh to make the gloves purposeful. 

What’s Good?

  • Carbon Fibre Knuckle Protection
  • Premium Design & look
  • EVA foam for maximum comfort
  • Mesh for breathability

Andride Madbike Men's Motorcycle Carbon Fiber Knuckle Summer Smart Riding Gloves

4. Andride Madbike Riding Gloves

If you love safety in style, you’ll love the Andride Madbike Riding Gloves. These gloves are styled with protection in mind. They’re sturdy and comfortable. 


What’s Good?

  • Carbon Fibre Knuckle Protection
  • Touch Screen Tips
  • Breathability
  • Quality Stitching
raida rain x riding gloves
6. Raida Rain X

Another great product from the house of Raida is the Rain X. Made from leather, it is the only waterproof riding glove in the list. It also gets features like visor viper, touchscreen fingers and more.

What’s Good?

  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Touch Screen fingertips
  • Knuckle Protection
Scoyco Mc08

7. Scoyo MC 08

While there are a lot of riding gloves under 1000₹, Scoyo MC 08 stands out from others. This pair looks good, is durable and will keep your hand safe.

What’s Good?

  • Superior Protection
  • Good Quality Fabric
  • Low Price
  • Breathability


8. Probiker Riding Gloves

If you talk about cheap riding gloves in India, the most famous brand is Probiker. Their riding gloves are always in the best seller on Amazon. These gloves by Probiker are super affordable, and they’re pretty long lasting too. 

What’s Good?

  • Superior Protection
  • Breathability
  • Palm dots for superior grips
  • Super Affordable