Why I needed an Air Seat?

A few months back I was covering a stretch of 100 kilometres on my humble Yamaha FZ.

The roads were treacherous, mostly unpaved and full of nasty potholes.

After the ride, when I reached home, my back was aching and my butt was numb.

I knew I needed something to save the body from this cruelty. Luckily, I found the Fego Float Air Seat and decided to get one for myself.

And today, when I’m writing this review, I’ve used the Fego Float Air Seat for more than 4 months.

So let’s jump in and know what it is all about.


Fego Float Air Seat Review »

Quality »

When the Fego Air Suspension Seat was delivered, I was actually surprised by the quality. It’s a huge seat, big enough to provide total hip support.

Quality of leather used in the mesh cover is excellent. It won’t start cracking easily or get torn after regular use.

The zipper is also enduring, and the red coloured thread used for detailing is strong too.

I have a suggestion for Fego, they can use different colours of thread for details.

They just have the red for now. Different options will make the product more appealing.

Personally, I’d love yellow thread for details.

fego float air seat on Yamaha fz

Talking about our main air cell, I’m not sure what it is made out of, and it’s not even mentioned anywhere on Amazon or Fego’s website. But I find the material exceptional and hard to cause any damage to.

The only thing that bothers me about the main Air Cell is the air nozzle. If it comes out, the Fego float air seat would be of no use. Not that it looks like it would.

fego float air cell

Comfort »

Comfort is probably why you want to buy this seat for. Isn’t it? Fego Innovations claims that the seat removes up to 46% of jerks which out otherwise rattle your spine.

But is it really true? I think it is. I’ve ridden my motorcycle with and without the Fego Float Air Seat since I’ve received it. Every time I’m riding with the Air Suspension seat, rough patches feel less rough to my spine and butt.

Note: You may feel a little weird sitting on the Float Air Seat for the first sometime. It takes a few days to get used to the seat.  So, If you have you’re planning a bike trip to Ladakh start using the Fego Float Air seat beforehand. to get used to it.

And always fill it with 50% air for maximum comfort. 

By the way, I wrote this guide for planning a bike trip to Ladakh, it will answer all your questions regarding your epic Ladakh tour. 


Fitting »

Fastening the Seat is almost a no-brainer. When you’ll look at the straps you will get how it’s done. There are two straps which hold the seat in place. You just have to hook the straps to the seat after passing the under your main seat.  

air seat for bikers

Fego Float will fit properly on most naked motorcycles, cruiser & scooters. I’ve even used it on my TVS NTORQ 125. 

If you’re planning to get a fun scooter, why not consider the TVS NTorq 125? Here’s my ownership review in which I point out what makes NTORQ 125 fun to live with.

By the way, If you have a sportbike, say an RC 390, the Fego Float won’t be a good option. Most sportbikes have a small and committed seat, for which the seat seems to be too big.


My experience of riding with Fego Float has been great. Since I don’t have a proper touring bike, It’s like a boon for saving my back on long rides. But let me also tell you the…


Things I don’t like about Fego Float Air Seat »

You can’t be sporty while sitting on it »

The Float Air Suspension Seat is a perfect companion for touring, but you can’t afford to attack corners with grace when you’re on it.

It snatches away all the confidence you would otherwise have while riding aggressively. The less air pressure you have, the shakier you’ll feel.

My recommendation is to keep the air pressure high when you want to ride sporty. Why? Because the harder it is, the more confident you’ll feel.

It’s easy to steal »

Since the seat can be easily taken out, it is easier for anyone to steal it. You’ll have to take care of your motorcycle, and you just can’t leave it in strange places. I carry it with me wherever I can. But like you know it can be a hassle sometimes.


Review Roundup »

Fego Float Air Suspension Seat is an incredibly helpful product for people who experience back pain. On Indian roads, which are not in an excellent state, this product really makes sense to me.

Once you get used to the damping, you won’t ever ride without the Fego Float. It’s a subtle change which you will notice after using it for some time.

For 2000 INR, Fego Float Air is bang for the buck. I thought the product was overpriced, but after seeing the quality, I’m convinced.

Apart from using it while touring, it can also be used on the pillion seat for elderly people, pregnant ladies, and others.

You can get a pretty good deal if you buy the Fego Float Air Seat from Amazon. Also, it will be delivered quite fast.