The best touring bikes in India below 5 lakhs.

India has plenty of places to explore on two wheels. From the mighty Himalayas to the vast salt lands of Kutch, India is full of breathtaking views.

A person who loves to tour on motorcycles will find India fascinating. It is amusing how cultures, languages and terrains change in India as the kilometres pass by.

Adventure is a done deal when you’re touring in India. But for that, you need a touring motorcycle that doesn’t suck.

You need a motorcycle which permits adventure, speed and comfort. But at the same time, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of a house.

So, in this article, I’ll tell you about the best touring bikes you can buy below 5 lakhs.


BMW GS 310 GS »»»

BMW GS 310

Auto journalists from all over the world have given a mixed reaction on the BMW GS 310. Some feel that the motorcycle is spot on touring motorcycle for India.

And some feel that it could’ve been better.

What’s my take on the GS 310? Well, it’s a capable touring bike for India, but it is fairly overpriced.

At 3.49 lakhs ex-showroom, the BMW GS 310 doesn’t even come with spoke wheels.



34 bhp @ 9500 rpm

1800 mm suspension travel

19-inch front and 17 inch rear wheel

Premium Equipment

Dual channel ABS

Upright ergonomic



The BMW 310 GS is priced at 3.49 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi)


Royal Enfield Interceptor »»»

royal enfield interceptor 650

If I could give an award to the hottest bike launch of the year 2018, I’d give it to the Interceptor 650. It is one motorcycle which drew all my attention, simply because of the value it offers.

Interceptor 650 is an excellent option for people looking for a classic-styled touring bike.

The Interceptor can be heavily customized with riding accessories for making it better for touring.

If it’s simplicity & cruising capabilities are not enough to make you smile. The price definitely would.  



648 cc twin cylinder engine

Upright ergonomics

Dual channel ABS

Spoke Wheels



The Interceptor costs 2.50 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) Which is a steal deal if you ask me.


Bajaj Dominar 400 »»»

bajaj dominar 2019

Image Credits: Overdrive

Folks here some good news. Bajaj has updated their Dominar for 2019 and the changes are significant.

The new Dominar 2019 gets an updated 373.2 cc engine which produces 40 ps of power. Five horses more than the older version.

The exhaust is new and it looks and sounds better than the older one. Instrument cluster gets more functional and the suspension gets an upgrade too.

Bajaj is pitching the Dominar as the 
undisputed king of budget touring bikes. After the launch of Interceptor 650, it was important for Bajaj to come with those upgrades.



39 bhp @ 8650 rpm

Dual Channel ABS.

Slipper clutch.

Powerful LED headlight setup.

Six Speed Gearbox.



The older variant of Dominar comes at a price of 1.63 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) You can expect paying 15000 more for the 2019 variant.


Royal Enfield Himalayan »»»

Royal Enfield Himalayan

When the tourist souls asked for more from Royal Enfield, they built the Himalayan.

A touring bike built for pure adventure and off roads. If you want to ride a big ADV in the future, like the Multistrada or the BMW GS.

The Himalayan will be a great learning experience for you. Plus you can plan a bike trip to Ladakh on the Himalayan anytime. 



19-inch front tyre

220 mm of ground clearance

Spoked wheels

Now comes with an ABS too



1.81 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)


Jawa Forty Two »»»

jawa forty two

Jawa is back! And so is the smile on faces of retro motorcycle lovers. The company entered the market with two new bikes. First is the “Jawa” and the other one is “Forty Two”

In the past, Jawa was a renowned brand among people who loved touring bikes. Jawa served as a touring bike for a long period of time before it’s discontinuation.

The Jawa Forty Two will excite people who want to stick with retro-styled touring bikes. It also beats the Bullet 350 when it comes to power and built quality.


RE Bullet Trials 350 & 500 »»»

bullet trails

Here some amazing news for touring lovers. On March 27th, Royal Enfield launched the Trails 350 & 500. Both the motorcycles have born from the bullet platform.

They get the same engine and bodywork as the bullets. But a few things have been changed for making it trials ready. Like the suspension, block tread tyres and exhaust.  It’s interesting to see what people will choose over trails and Himalayans. 

Without question, the Trails 350 & 500 looks like they’ll be best ridden off the roads. So if you’re more of an offroad person, go for it.



Dual channel ABS

Treaded tyres

Long Travel Suspension. 



1.62 lakhs & 2.11 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)


Hero Xpluse 200 »»»

touring bikes India

Finally, the wait is over and Hero Motocorp has launched the Xpulse 200 in India. The elder sibling of Impulse 150, the Xpulse is the smallest affordable available in India. It’s powered by a 200 cc engine, has long suspensions, knobby tyres and a comfortable riding position. 

The Xpulse will appeal to people who tour on small motorcycles. If you like going long distances on a budget, the Xpulse can take you.


Single channel ABS

Off-road tyres

Long Travel Suspension. 

Bluetooth Connectivity



1.04 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)


Ninja 300 »»»

Kawasaki Ninja 300 2018

Wait, did I call Ninja 300 a touring motorcycle? Oh yes, I did. A lot of Ninja 300 owners use it for touring. And I haven’t heard them complaining about the bike anytime.

The stance of the Ninja 300 is not aggressive and there’s fairing for wind protection too. Which makes it a great faired sports tourer. If you want to reach your destination fast, and in style, then Ninja 300 is the one.

What’s even better is that Kawasaki India has slashed the price of Ninja 300. And recently, they’ve also slashed the price of their spare parts.



39 bhp @ 11000 rpm

Dual Channel ABS.

Six Speed Gearbox.

Slipper Clutch



Kawasaki has revised the price of Ninja 300, and now it costs 2.98 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)


Apache 310 RR »»»

Apache 310 RR

Apache 310 is another fully faired motorcycle which can fulfill your touring duties. It comes with the same engine as seen on the baby BMW GS, but costs a lot lesser.

The stance is neutral, not too committed, not too upright. If you can ride a Honda CBR 250 to Ladakh, you can probably ride an Apache 310 RR too.

Touring on sports bike gives you the added advantage of speed. But don’t forget to wear your riding gloves & gear!



Dual Channel ABS.

Six Speed Gearbox.

Slipper Clutch

Fairing for reducing wind blast



Apache RR 31O is priced at 2.23 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)


Yamaha Fazer 25 »»»

Yamaha Fazer 25

Fazer 25 is a faired brother of FZ25. With a 250 cc refined engine, wide seats and fairing, the Fazer25 makes for a capable touring machine. 

The Fazer 25 looks a little dated in terms of design, but trust me, you won’t find a better 250 cc touring bike in the market.



LED lights

5 Speed Gearbox

20 bhp @ 8000 rpm



Yamaha Fazer 25 costs 1.29 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)

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