Obsessed with retro bikes? You’re in the right place. 

Aesthetics, nostalgia and authenticity. You are a fan of this combination, aren’t you? I mean, that is why you love retro motorcycles in the first place. 

Their unique shape, their bold colours and how they remind you of a time in the past are all so irresistible. 

And in a time when most new bikes are plasticky, funky and toy-like, the desire to ride a retro is only getting stronger in riders like you. I know that, and the brands know it too. 

And so they are all launching something for this niche market.

The Japanese, the Germans, the British, and our homegrown Indians, every brand want to capture it with a classic in their lineup. 

Want to know what’s on offer in the retro segment of motorcycles in India?

Read this blog till the end, and you will know about all the options available in India across all budgets.

Read on: 


Top 17 retro bikes to buy in India right now.


1. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 –

Begin your royal affair with the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. This power-packed model comes in a built that speaks volumes about strength and decency.

It possesses a parallel-twin engine that is quite refined. The breaks and suspension are drenched in modernity, with looks that boast of a vintage feel.

It comprises single discs breaks with a 320 mm disc at the front and 240 mm disc at the rear. This café racer comes with a sober round headlamp that adds to the power.

Not only this, with lower handlebars and rear set footpegs, the Continental GT 650 is fairly comfortable for long-distance touring too. 


Displacement: 648 cc
Kerb Weight: 198 kg
Colours:  Black Magic, Ventura Blue, Mister Clean, Dr. Mayhem, Ice Queen
Max Power: 47 bhp @ 7,250 rpm


Priced at ₹ 2,71,673 INR, it is a deal you cannot afford to let go!

2. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650:

re interceptor

This old school motorbike is the twin of Continental GT 650. It has a wider appeal and comes with the added advantage of supporting a pillion rider and wide handle bars.

Technicalities on both the Continental GT and Interceptor are the same. Available in a more elaborate color range and decent pricing compared to its twin, this is for all those who want to leave traces of boldness on the streets.

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Displacement: 648 cc
Kerb Weight: 202 kg
Colours: Mark Three, Glitter & Dust, Orange Crush, Ravishing Red, Silver Spectre, Baker Express
Max Power: 47 bhp @ 7,250 rpm


Priced at ₹ 2,56,372 INR, it’s a deal you shouldn’t wait to grab!


3. Jawa Standard

jawa standard

There is no dearth of retro bikes in India. Here, I bring you one more that is the ultimate competitor of Royal Enfield – JAWA STANDARD- highly robust in performance yet cheap in price.

It is equipped with a six-speed gearbox. It also comprises conventional telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorbers.

This neo-retro motorcycle is all chrome with flowing lines, making it a reminiscent of the original Jawa that was sold in India.


Displacement: 293 cc
Mileage: 37.5 kmpl
Kerb Weight: 170 kg
Colours: Grey, Maroon, Black


Priced at ₹ 1,64,000 INR, it is one of the cheapest retro bikes in India.

4. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

brown colour crusier motorcycle by Royal Enfield

The latest addition to the Royal Enfield family, meteor 350 is an all-new retro-classic for the Indian market. Although the styling of the motorcycle looks more or less like RE’s Thunderbird, everything on the Meteor is brand new.

From the engine to the console, RE has equipped the Meteor with brand new parts and made a motorcycle that can compete in the already heated up retro bike segment in 2020. 


Displacement: 349 cc
Gearbox: 5 speed
Horsepower: 20.2 ps
Colours: SuperNova Blue, SuperNova Brown, Stellar Red, Stellar Blue


Starting from 1.75 Lacs (ex-showroom) pan India.

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5. Jawa Forty Two

jawa forty two

The brand Jawa has always been a hot favorite among retro bike lovers in India- A Royal Enfield alternative that lets you enter the world of retro without burning a hole in your pocket.

And with their revival, they bought a new motorcycle, the Forty Two in the Indian market. 

It is wrapped with more modernity and far less chrome when compared to its twin – JAWA STANDARD.

Also, it is powered by a 293cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that generates 27bhp and 28Nm. And comprises a 280mm disc brake at the front and a 153mm drum at the rear.


Displacement: 293 cc
Mileage: 37.5 kmpl
Kerb Weight:170 kg
Colours: Nebula Blue, Comet Red, Starlight Blue, Lumos Lime, Halley’s Teal, Galactic Green


Priced at ₹ 1,55,000 INR, it’s a catch for classics fanatic!



6. Benelli Leoncino 500. 

Benelli Leoncino Red

Launched in August 2019, Leoncino or “lion’s cub” as it translates in English is Benelli’s idea of a scrambler. It is the bigger Leoncino that Benelli offers in India.

Both the Leoncino 250 and Leoncino look almost similar, so if you want more power and better riding experience, go for the Leoncino 500.

Both the Leoncino look inspired by the past but designed for the present.


Displacement: 500 cc
Horsepower: 47.5 PS
Fuel Capacity:12.7 liters


The Benelli Leoncino 500 is priced at 4.79 lakhs (ex-showroom)


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7. Triumph Street Twin-

Triumph street twin (retro bike by triumph)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it triumphs the streets like none other. This motorbike offers entry into the Triumph series and was originally introduced at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2016, and was completely revamped when re-introduced in 2019.

It comes all drenched in the power of matte black and is equipped with a refined parallel-twin motor. It also features two riding modes, Road and Rain, and a tyre monitoring system as an added option.

Not only this, but the motor also weighs less owing to the use of a lighter crankshaft, balancer rod and magnesium cam covers for the cylinder head.


Displacement: 900 cc
Kerb Weight: 225 kg
Colours: Matt Ironstone, Korosi Red, Jet Black
Max Power: 64 bhp


Priced at ₹ 7,70,000, it gets a bit expensive but the features do justice.

8. Triumph Bonneville T120-

Triumph Boneville T120 black

The Bonneville T120 is a true vintage motorcycle from the house of Triumph. What sets it apart is that it was the first model of Bonneville series which was continued by the Triumph motorcycle ltd.

In the first race Triumph Bonneville finished, they stood 2nd behind a BMW thereby marking the beginning of a successful era of Triumph motorcycle racing.

With looks that are soaked in pure strength, this motorbike also promises a comfortable journey. A perfect blend of modern and retro style, it delivers the smoothest ride within the city.


Displacement: 1,200 cc
Kerb Weight: 224 kg
Colours: Jet Black, Cinder Red, Cranberry Red, and Aluminium Silver, Jet Black and Pure White
Max Power: 78.9 bhp @ 6,550 rpm


Priced at ₹ 9,97,600, it is definitely on a higher side but then its legacy justifies it all.

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9. Triumph Bonneville Bobber.

triumph classic bike

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is yet another magnum opus of the Bonneville series. It is a bobber-style cruiser motorcycle from Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.

This neo-retro creation is an unparalleled blend of artistic engineering and smart technology. The hot deal takes you back to the era of single-seater bikes.

And the 1200cc engine packed with a ‘bobber tune’ adds to its desirability.


Displacement: 1,200 cc
Mileage: 29 kmpl
Kerb Weight: 228 kg
Colours: Black, Red, Silver, Green/Silver


Priced at ₹ 10,28,200, this is a luxury in itself!

10. Kawasaki Z900 RS-

kawasaki z 900 rs

The boldness of Kawasaki Z900 RS is inspired by the legendary Kawasaki Z series. It lets you ride on the streets with power and ease owing to the timeless character that is reflected in its making.

It also serves you with a comfortable riding posture. The retro touch is sprinkled all over with the help of a two-tone paint scheme and round headlamp.

Added features are Switchable ABS and traction control with three modes, including an ‘off’ setting.

If you ask me, Kawasaki Z900 RS is the best looking retro bike available in India. 


Displacement: 948 cc
Kerb Weight: 215 kg
Colours: Candytone Brown / Candytone Orange
Max Power: 108.4 bhp @ 8,500 rpm


Priced at Rs.15,70,000, this is for all those who are looking for a timeless retro addition to their lives.


11. BMW R Nine T-

bmw r nine t scrambler

In The Daily Telegraph review, Roland Brown wrote: The BMW R nineT is “… not the bike for impecunious custom builders, but a retro roadster that combines heritage, good looks, high-quality finish and entertaining performance in one cleverly integrated package, with potential for easy personalization”.

BMW has designed this café racer keeping in mind the ease that comes with personalization.

The classic creation comes with a removable pillion seat removable and Akrapovic exhaust that can be mounted at different heights.


Displacement: 1170 cc
Kerb Weight: 208 kg
Transmission: 6 speed
Max Power: 110 bhp


Priced at Rs. 17.48 lakhs, the Rine NT is the second most expensive retro bike in India. 


12 Triumph Street Scrambler 

triumph street scrambler

Triumph is the only manufacturer that provide a lot of retro bikes in India. Apart from the famed Bonneville, Triumph also sells its scrambler in India. The Street Scrambler is for the adventure kind.

If you are into touring and offroading, but at the same time you want something retro looking, the Street Scrambler is the motorcycle for you. 

It is a nice retro-looking motorcycle with a distinct looking exhaust which I am pretty sure you will never see on any other motorcycle in India.


Displacement: 900 cc
Kerb Weight: 203 kgs
Colours: Matte Khaki, Carnberry Red
Max Power: 64.10 bhp @ 7500 rpm


Priced at ₹19.18 lakhs, the Street Scrambler is the most unique & dynamic retro-looking bike you can buy in India. 

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13. Triumph Thruxton R. 

cafe racer bike by triumph

If you like racy and retro, I am sure you won’t find a better bike to suit your needs than the Triumph Thruxton R. It is the most advanced cafe racing bike available in the Indian market.

It looks like it’s from the past but under the skin is a highly advanced motorcycle with top-notch equipment and electronics. 

Thruxton R is one of the most desirable cafe racers in the world. It is a very capable motorcycle with ample power and style to excite retro bike lovers who want a combination of speed and style.


Displacement: 1200 cc
Max Power: 96 bhp
Colours: Diablo Red, Silver Ice
Weight: 203 kgs



The Triumph Thruxton R is a premium retro bike and it costs 12.63 lakhs on road in India


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14. Triumph Speedmaster. 

triumph speedmaster

The speed master with it’s laid back attitude and retro styling will appeal to those who like a royal companion. I mean, just look at it. It looks like it’s custom-built, just for the person riding it.

From the headlight to the taillight, it has classic written all over it. The style is inspired by the 50s and 60s era but the tech is completely modern. 

It comes loaded with high-end electronics like ride by wire throttle, torque-assist clutch, riding modes. traction control and of course ABS.


Displacement: 1200 cc
Kerb Weight: 246 kg
Colours: Black, Red, White
Max Power: 76 bhp @ 6,100 rpm


Priced at ₹ 12,73,396, this will continue to be your royal collection for all times to come.

16. Ducati Scrambler. 

ducati scrambler 800

You weren’t expecting Ducati to be a part of this, don’t you? But Ducati is here because of its famed Scrambler. Ducati Scrambler is a global hit among people who like a bit of a retro touch to their motorcycles.

Also, in 2019, the Ducati offers four variants of their only retro bike in India, the Scrambler. 

The Scrambler Icon, Scrambler Full Throttle, Scrambler Cafe Racer, and Scrambler Desert Sled are the four variants that the retro-cool scrambler by Ducati is available in. 

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Displacement: 800 cc
Kerb Weight: (Different for different variants)
Colours: (Different for different variants)
Max Power: (Different for different variants)


Check out the prices for different variants of Ducati scrambler on Bikewale.


17. Norton Commando 691. 

silver norton commando cafe racer

Norton Commando is not your average classic motorcycle. It is handmade and fitted with the top-notch suspension and braking setup.

The engine, however, is not the most powerful one seen on a neo-classical bike. It produces a modest 79 bhp of power and the transmission on the retro-cool Thruxton R is 5 speed. 

Norton is a British brand that sells its motorcycle in India in partnership with Kinetic motorcycles. Kinetic Motorcycles sells other premium motorcycles in India through their MotoRoyale dealerships.


Displacement: 961 cc
Kerb Weight: 188 kgs
Colours: Available in six different colours. 
Max Power: 110 bhp @ 7,550 rpm


Norton Commando 961 is the most expensive retro/classic bike you can buy in India. It costs a staggering 21 lakh (on road) 

Special Mention – Rajputana Custom Motorcycles. 

continental GT 650

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 vigilante by RCM

If you are a retro bike lover and you live in India, there are high chances that you’ve heard about Rajputana Custom before.

They are custom bike builders based out of Jaipur and they build retro motorcycles like none other in the country.

However, It would be an injustice to tell what all they build without telling you how it all began.

So, this story of passion goes like this-

Vijay Singh Ajairajpura, a Rajput at heart, was born in a family of motorcycles enthusiasts. His father uses to race for Jaipur Motorcycle club back in the 70s and his grandfather organized the first all-India MotoX race in Jaipur back in 1977.

Passion was long fuelling his heart when he decided to give in and built the Original Gangster in his small garage. It was his cousin Avijit Singh who helped to find a platform for his dreams at Auto Expo-2010.

The amazing response prompted him to start building customized bikes. This is how Rajputana Customs was born.

Vijay gives a unique name to the bikes he builds – Assault, Aghori, Rajmata, Jordaar, Gulail, Bitoo and so on; that tell us how Rajputana Customs value authenticity. 

modified bike by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

Assault by Rajputana Cut

If you’re someone who wants a motorcycle that reflects India’s traditions and royalty, then the Jaipur-based Rajputana Customs is the place to be.

Get in touch with Rajputana Custom Motorcycles on Facebook.

Which retro bike should you buy in India? 

Retro Bikes are all about style, simplicity, and rideability. Frankly speaking, there is no point in buying a retro bike that you’d only keep in your garage (because the maintenance cost is too high)

So choose wisely after considering the cost of motorcycles and also the cost of maintaining it. 

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