In the spotlight: Motorcycle Photographers of India

What do you do when you have the skills to take a photograph and a stunning motorcycle?

You take breathtaking pictures which people can’t stop gazing at.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the people who love to shoot motorcycles.

Guess who they are? The extremely talented automobile photographers of India who are passionate about taking pictures of motorcycles. 


1) Asif Zubairi »»

Asif is one of the most popular automobile photographers in India who rides a Kawasaki Z800 every day. He enjoys the company of his biker friends and automobile journalists. 

If you want to spend a boring Monday evening looking at stunning motorcycle photos, Asif’s Instagram account is the place for you.


Here are some photographs by him:

Wheeling the Green Monster. 

kawasaki z800 wheelie


Getting dirty with the GS. 

bmw gs 1200 raylee off roading


The lustrous Superleggera.  

asif zubairi photography

2) Aditya Bedre »»

Aditya is one of the most seasoned automobile photographers in India. He rides a facelifted Triumph Tiger 800 and works with many prominent automobile magazines.

His skills with camera stand par with his skills at editing, hence great automobile pictures come to life. 

Here’s some of his work:

A flame-throwing Ninja. 

Aditya bedre photography


Hustling to get the front end down. 

Yamaha wheelie


A Yamaha out of the Apex. 


The battle for Gixxer Cup! 

gixxer cup india

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3) Akshay Jadhav »»

Akshay is a traveler who captures intense photographs of motorcycles. He’s the most “artistic” one in our list and chronicles his journey with the Suzuki V Strom on Instagram.

Apart from that, he also works with auto publications in India and clicks stunning automobile photographs for them.

Here’s some of his work:

Is there any better red than Ducati Red?

automobile photographers of India


There’s less terror in the night if you are in the company of a GS.

bmw gs 1200 photography


A Tiger in the wild. 

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4)Abhishek Yadav »»

Abhishek Yadav is another budding automobile photographer headed in the right direction. He has a good number of motorcycle photographs taken at BIC. On Instagram, he goes by the name @bic_viisionary

Here’s some of his work:

Imagine the symphony that comes of these.

Abhishek Yadav photography


All decked for the track. 

Yamaha r1 photography

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