In the spotlight: Motorcycle Photographers of India

Have you ever found yourself gazing at a well-shot picture of a motorcycle? If you have, then you must’ve cared to think about the photographer who took the shot. In India, as more and manufacturers are coming in with their motorcycles. The automobile photographers are doing a great job of capturing the beautiful machines.

In this article, you’ll know some of the motorcycle photographers in India. At the most basic definition, their work is the amalgamation of passion and skills.

Warning:  This article contains pornographic pictures of motorcycles. But you can scroll down anyway

1)Asif Zubairi

Asif Zubairi is a budding Motorsports Photographer from North India. He rides a Z800 himself and loves the company of rider friends. If you go through his Instagram, you’ll see motorcycles more than cars. He’s the true “Motorcycle Photographer”

Here are some photographs by him:

wheelie on a kawasaki z800 in India

Popping a wheelie on a stripped down Z.

A bmw gs 1200 rally offloading in India

Don’t we all like this paint scheme on the Raylee?

bmw gs 1200 raylee off roading

The GS where it deserves to be.

Ducati Superlaggera

Carbon Fibre dream of a track rider

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2) Aditya Bedre

Aditya is one of the most seasoned automobile photographers in India. He rides a facelifted Triumph Tiger 800. In his photographing career, he has worked with many prominent automobile magazines. His skills with camera stand par with his skills at editing, hence great pictures come to life.

Here’s some of his work:

Kawasaki Ninja photography

A flame-throwing Ninja

Trying to keep the juggernaut in control

a superbike on a race track

There’s always something special about a picture of a motorcycle attacking corners.

suzuki gixxer cup india

A fleet of Gixxers hitting the Apex.

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3)Akshay Jadhav

Apart from being an automobile photographer, Akshay is a travel freak. He captures stunning pictures of motorcycles. The photographs taken by him are artistic and leave a lasting impression. It’s why you’ll see his photograph as the featured image of this article.

ducati supersport and triumph Daytona 675

The antidotes

ducati supersport photography

The calm demeanour of the Supersport

daytona 675 r wallpaper

Looks like a celebration of motorcycling

bmw gs 1200 raylee photography in india

Motorcycles, perfect for finding solitude in chaos

Triumph tiger 800 wallpaper

Tiger in the wild

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4)Abhishek Yadav

Abhishek Yadav is another budding automobile photographer headed in the right direction. He has a good number of motorcycle photographs taken at BIC while racing. On Instagram, he goes by the name @bic_viisionary

BMW S 1000 rr photography

Black and white picture of the dynamic S1000RR

exhaust system on ducati

Looks like a sweet sounding exhaust

ducati panigale photography

A Ducati on a fine evening

Kawasaki H2R photography

Supercharged Dreams

yamaha r1

Yamaha’s Legacy

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