Literally just 3 riding tips to make you go faster on your motorcycle (safely)



1) Crouch Down while Overtaking.


motorcycle aerodynamics

Image by: CanadaMotoGuide

How will it help: It will help you in slicing through the traffic quickly and safely.

Crouching down can be a lifesaver when you’re slicing from between two vehicles that are close.

Instead of sitting upright and relax while overtaking vehicles, crouch forward.

You’ll notice that your bike overtakes faster than when you’re upright. Why? Because you increase the aerodynamics while you tuck in.

I’m sure you don’t want to smash between two vehicles by overtaking slow. Isn’t it? Then always tuck in during tough overtakes.


2) Stand on the pegs on Bumpy Roads or No Roads.


riding a dirt bike offroad

How it will help: It will give you more control over your motorcycle and also make you go faster.

According to Cycleworld,

Standing up on the pegs turns you into a dynamic part of your motorcycle rather than just dead weight.

It makes you an active part of the suspension. So, get your ass off the motorcycle’s seat when you’re riding off-road.

You’ll notice that riding over rough patches doesn’t feel as daunting as it feels while you’re sitting down.

When you’re standing up and you can open the gas and go faster. If the motorcycle moves around a bit, don’t worry, you won’t fall. See how dirt bikers balance their motorcycles while standing up. 


3) Always keep the brake lever covered with one or two fingers.


deus motorcycle

How will it help: It will help you in stopping faster in case of an emergency.

Let me say this straight, many riders will disagree with me on this.

They’ll suggest that you wrap the throttle with all your fingers for better handling.

But I say that’s not the best thing to do when you’re riding fast, overtaking vehicles and slicing through the roads. Why?

Because even a fraction of the second delay in braking can be dangerous.

Your focus while riding fast but safely should be on quick action in dangerous situations. That’s the reason why I suggest keeping the brake lever covered. 


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