The Legend of Yamaha RX 100.

Since the motorcycle still continues to rule our heart, here is a list of facts and rumors about the RX 100.

Facts about RX 100

  • It produces 11 BHP of power power.
  • People checked the RX 100 to see whether it was a 100 cc engine or not.
  • If you buy an old Yamaha RX today, it will be at least 20 years old.X
  • RX 100 was the the most sought after bike for drag racing in India.
  • The production of Yamaha RX 100 was stopped because of the emission norms.
  • It was considered to be a very reliable motorcycle.
  • The styling made it an ageless bike. Young or middle aged, everyone wished to own it.
  • It is one of the most sought after second hand bikes in India.
  • It offers a lot of customization option because of the minimal design.
  • The top speed of RX 100 is 100 kmph.

The Torpedo of 90s

Let’s admit it, Yamaha RX 100 was a legend. It was one of those motorcycles which could put a big smile on anybody’s face. The legacy of the RX 100 still remains, as it has become a classic cult.
yamaha rx 100
People still want to own the RX 100, and custom bike makers still love to experiment with the bike.
Cartoq reported in their article that the price of a well maintained RX 100 can go upto 1 lakh. This shows how much Indians love the RX 100.
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Why do people love RX 100?

Manufactured in 1985, the RX 100 delivered much more raw power than anyone could expect from a 100cc.
A thing of beauty for the onlookers, the RX  was the most torque-y 100 cc motorcycle. The most fun motorcycle.
Yamaha RX 100 FACTS
This amazing artwork belongs to – Motoholicworks in case you’re wondering.
The ergonomics were pretty straight forward, and allowed easy riding. Exhaust note was throaty enough to make the adrenaline flow, as the speedometer climb.
The motorcycle evoked the true feeling of freedom, and the desire to go faster.
While the facts have been mentioned earlier, it’s time we talk about the rumors.

1. Chain snatchers and kidnappers loved Yamaha RX 100.

We are sure you must’ve heard that Yamaha RX 100 was the favorite motorcycle of kidnappers, robbers and chain snatchers. Haven’t you? This is mostly said because the RX had a solid pickup which made it easy for chain snatchers to get away fast.


While there are cases where the RX 100 was used for kidnapping and robbery, we can still call it a rumor as robbery can take place on any bike. Or maybe gangsters chose it because it was fast and economical?

2. Yamaha will be launching a 4 stroke, 200 cc version of RX 100 in India.

This rumor has been around for quite a long time now, people keep on asking when will the RX 200 will be launched, but the fact is it is NOT going to be launched. Yamaha Motors officially confirmed that they do not plan to bring the RX to India in future. They already have a great lineup of motorcycles in the smaller section like the Yamaha R15 V3, Fz-16, and FZ25.


Got no reasons to revive it, whatsoever.

3. RX 100 was banned in India because it was used by chain snatchers and kidnappers. 

Some people believe that the RX 100 was banned by the Indian Government because incidents like chain snatching and robbery on an RX 100 were increasing. This is entirely false and stupid. RX 100 was discontinued because it was not able to meet the emission norms, like most of the 2 stroke motorcycles.


4. Yamaha RX 100 could reach a top speed of 140kmph.

Yamaha RX 100 was a fast motorcycle, no doubt about it, but it wasn’t fast enough to reach 140 kmph. This rumor is completely false, the RX was too light to be stable at such high speeds. It was capable of achieving a top speed of 120 kmph, though.


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Have you ridden an RX  before? We are sure you would want to ride it after reading these facts and rumors.