Viaterra Miller Review : Best entry level riding gear?

It was 7:30 p.m. on July 25th when I received a text from my friend Nishant saying, “On my way back from work, let’s meet around 8.” I replied, “Ok, I am waiting.”

However, by 8:30, I still hadn’t heard anything from him. It was rare. Just when I was wondering why he was taking so long, his wife called me.

Her voice was shaky as she told me that Nishant had met with an accident. She asked me to go to the doctor’s clinic and I rushed. 

On arriving, I saw him lying there with bruises and wounds. He told me he lost control of this bike when a dog suddenly ran across the road, making him crash at 60 kmph. 

He had bruises on his left knee, elbow, forearm, and ankle. I could clearly see that he was in a lot of pain.

After dressing his wounds, the doctor told him to take a break from work and go on bed rest for at least 15 days. As we left the clinic with him, I couldn’t help but think about how much of his injury would’ve been avoided if he was wearing riding gears.

The major wounds were on his elbow and knee, the two areas where riding gear offers the maximum protection.

Unfortunately, he didn’t wear them and had to go through all the pain.

But I don’t want you to make the same mistake, so if you don’t have riding gear and are looking to get one, I am reviewing one of the most promising entry level riding gears from Viaterra:

Viaterra Miller Urban Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket and Miller Street Mesh Riding Pants. 

Here is a quick heads up : This is the first riding gear I have ever worn in my life, so please see my review from the perspective of someone who just got introduced to the “protective” world of riding gear.

Viaterra Miller Looks

Many riders believe that it is all about the function and not the form. But when it comes to riding gears, I tend to disagree. Riding gear is an apparel; and it becomes a part of your identity, so the design and the looks of it are important.

But I am happy to report that I am quite pleased with the design of the Viaterra Miller riding jacket and Miller pants.

They are sophisticated for everyday use and have the right amount of funk to make them standout.

The Miller jacket comes in three variants, and they all look quite similar. 

The only difference between them is the color of the strip that runs down from the elbow to the cuff. It adds a nice touch of color to the otherwise plain jacket. I chose the green color for better visibility on the road. 

The jacket has a lot of Viaterra branding on the sleeves, upper back, and lower back. They even added a big V sign in the front. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but once I started wearing the jacket, the big V felt like it belonged there. 

Now I feel like it completes the look of the jacket. 

Another visual element that stands out on the jacket is the accordion stretch panel at the back, which is designed for better upper body mobility. 

It’s been smartly done by Viaterra and looks quite unique. 

Now, talking about the Miller riding pants They come in one color. It is a sleek scheme with mostly black and subtle touches of gray. This simple color scheme makes the oats suitable for different types of riding

No design element on the pants screams for your attention, and the gray mesh adds a nice contrast.

Both the Miller riding jacket and Mesh pants from Viaterra have sophisticated, no-nonsense styling

You can wear them every day without being too flashy, and they’re good for touring as well. They’ll get you just the right amount of attention from curious people.

They won’t make people stare and wonder, “What in the world are you wearing.” Full marks to Viaterra for that. 

Viaterra Miller Riding Jacket and Mesh Pants Comfort

Comfort is an important aspect of riding gear. So how comfortable are the Viaterra Miller Urban Riding Jacket and Mesh Urban Riding Pants? 

To be honest, when I first held the riding jacket in my hand, it felt a bit heavy, and I wondered how I’d manage to wear it.

It was my first time with a riding jacket, so the weight didsurprise me. 

But as soon as I put the jacket on, the weight seemed to vanish. Believe me, the design of the jacket is such that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing the same heavy jacket that you were holding in your hand. 

Talking about the ventilation, it’s normal to feel a bit confined the first time you wear a riding jacket in life, and I felt the same way. 

So, I decided to take it for a ride and see how well it lets in air.

Surprisingly, while riding, the jacket didn’t feel suffocating at all. The mesh material kept my body cool, and what amazed me was the attention to detail that Viaterra put into making it comfortable.

Viaterra Miller Riding Jacket and Mesh Pants Protection 

Your riding gear’s most important job is to protect your body. And Viaterra’s Miller Riding jacket and pants are exceptional in that regard. They come with PowerTector CE level 2 armor and 600D woven fabric in impact areas to give you exceptional protection.

On the jacket, you will find the armor on the shoulders, elbows, chest, and even on the back. Most entry-level jackets don’t come with back protection, so it is great to see that Viaterra has not compromised on it.

On the pants, you will find it on the hip area and the knees, both of them are high impact zones in case of a crash. Since this was my first experience with riding gear, I was pleasantly surprised when I took out the protectors.

They’re quite thick yet quite flexible. And looking at them, it felt like they would offer protection not only against abrasion but also against high-impact shocks.

Another feature that adds to your safety, especially during the night, are the reflective strips, both on the jacket and the riding pants.

They are so good that when I was waiting for my friend to go with me on one of our night rides, he told me that you can go as far as you want and I will be able to spot you because of the reflectiveS on your gear.

That is quite awesome to have in an entry level riding gear to be honest. 

The final verdict. 

Viaterra is one of my favorite riding gear brands. Having used their luggage for more than a year, I have faith in their products, which is why I got the Miller riding mesh jacket and the riding pants.

After riding in them for over 3000 kilometers, I can say that there is almost nothing to complain about in the jacket and riding pants. As someone’s first pair, the Miller jacket and pants are going to fill them with a ton of confidence.

The looks are sophisticated, the safety is top-notch, and the comfort is well taken care of as well.

I just wish Viaterra also offered a winter liner and a rain liner with it so that it could be that one set of gear that could do it all. Another thing that I was left asking for was a cover to keep your gears — if Viaterra provided covers with the Miller Riding Jacket and Mesh Riding Pants it would be much much easier to store them.

If I were to rate them out of 10, it would be a solid 8.5. If you have made up your mind to buy, visit Viaterra’s website here.