TVS Ntorq 125: An owner’s review after 2000+ kilometres

A few months back, I did a test ride of the Ntorq 125 for the first time for writing a quick review. When I rode the scooter home, my parents loved the styling and features that the Ntorq came loaded with. They decided to buy the scooter, because we needed an extra vehicle. It was an impulsive decision, but today when we look back, we don’t regret it at all.

Today when I’m writing this review, I’ve ridden this scooter for more than 2000 kilometers.





To sum up my ownership review of the TVS Ntorq 125, I think it is a giant leap in the world of scooters in India. I’ve never ridden a scooter as enjoyable and stable as the NTorq 125. It is not a looker, but a performer too. I’ll never enjoy Activa again after riding the NTorq. It has spoiled me, that’s for sure. But sometimes I wish the NTorq was as relaxed as the Activa. Apart from that, there are a few bad bits on the NTorq too, which I’ll address down in the complete review.


In the city, it gives a mileage of 30-35 kilometres, depending on how hard you ride it. The exhaust sounds throaty and aggressive at full whack. And it compels me to ride it hard, giving me a mileage of 30 kmpl. On the highway, when ridden at constant speeds, it gives a mileage of 40 kmpl max.




The engine on the Ntorq is what sets it apart from other scooters. It is a 124.79cc engine with a lot of juice. It pull strong from mid-range to the top end. Overtaking on this scooter is easy and fun. All thanks to the 10.5 nm of torque that kicks in @ 5500 rpm. Another thing that impressed me about the engine is how refined it is. I’ve ridden every scooter in the Indian market once (except the Burgman) and there’s nothing as refined as the Ntorq.




Whenever I ride a TVS 2 wheeler to ride, I find myself complaining about the front brakes. Sadly that’s the case with the Ntorq too. The brakes would’ve been fantastic for any another scooter, but for the NTORQ, they are not. Front disc brake lacks the hasty response that I would’ve appreciated. This makes them a little weak for my liking. But worry not, they will make you stop in the city at average speeds without a problem.


The Ntorq handles like a charm. Period. The suspension, the chassis, the tyres, they all contribute in making it a superb handler. It leans into corners like a motorcycle, with so much eagerness.
Fun Fact: I enjoy cornering on the Ntorq more than I love on my FZ. The suspension setup on Ntorq is stiffer than my FZ. That’s where all the composure comes from.
For the first time, I was surprised to see how stable the Ntorq is, even at speeds above 90 kmpl. Now that’s something which I love the Ntorq for.


Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is one of the most talked about feature of the NTorq. It is highly functional too. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and it notifies you about calls and messages. One thing I liked about It is that it shows the remaining battery and network strength from your phone to the dash. I get to know whether my phone is reachable or not.


I hope TVS integrates their app with Google maps for better directions in the future. Currently, directions get displayed from mapmyindia, and it’s a little glitchy. More features on the instrument cluster include sports mode and street mode. There’s no change in power and performance when you change mode.(Something which people ask me). You can record things like lap timing, 0-60 timing, average speed, top speed, etc in the sports mode.



The Ntorq swallows one half face helmet with ease and still leaves room for more. Look above, I have my helmet, my phone, a bag, a rubric cube, a small packet of biscuits, a book, and a small water bottle. That’s enough space for returning back loaded from shopping. If it’s less, you have two bag hooks in the front too where you can hang your bags. The reason why I keep the shopping bag in the so-called “utility box”



I always wanted to see a kill switch on a scooter, and finally it is here. Talking about headlight, it is super bright and illuminates the road in front in front of you very well. Tail lights and indicators are bright too, and smartly placed on the scooter. The USB charger underneath the seat is not a fast charger, though.


Things I don’t like

The first thing that bugs me on the TVS Ntorq is the space between my legs and the keyhole. My legs are tall and I have to sit with my legs wide open to avoid my knees from touching the key. If your legs are long, you’ll face this problem too, especially when riding with a pillion.
Switches- The Indicator switch was not smooth in the first place. Now after three months, it gets stuck often, on either side. The plastic used in the kill switch, indicator switch, self-start button is not up-to the mark.
Body Fitting- TVS could’ve worked on fitting the parts neatly, but sadly they didn’t. I noticed the same thing on the Jupiter. The body parts are not fit neatly on both the scooters. There are little openings, bit I don’t like them. Although, they are not evident until you watch with an eagle’s eye. And maybe it’s just the case with my unit.
Mirrors- The left mirror is stiff and doesn’t rotate properly. It’s a big problem for me because I’m used to watching the road behind me in the mirror.
Lock- First off there’s no keyhole protection as seen on the Activa. Further, the lock gets jammed often and it takes a while to unlock the handle. Sometime it feels like something is going to break inside the lock.
I am going to address these issues when I go for the second service. And I hope they fix the problems I’m facing. Apart from the above mentioned problems. I have no complaints with the NTorq whatsoever.


Let’s Recap

Ntorq 125 is a very distinct scooter. A scooter that will put a smile on your face everytime you ride it. My review of the Ntorq is completely based on my personal experience after living with this scooter for more than 3 months. To be very honest, I haven’t got over the scooter yet.

The engine performance and handling are the USP of this scooter, and I love it for them. Apart from that, I am not impressed by the braking and the material used in switches and body.

If you are looking for a fun scooter, something unconventional, the Ntorq is for you. You will enjoy riding it on the streets and on the highways, in the corners and in the traffic. It is peppy everywhere you want to ride it.

Furthermore, if you’re bored of riding an Activa and would upgrade to something refreshing, ladies and gentlemen, this will bring joy into your life.

I am happily living with this scooter, but I just wish TVS had utilized better plastic parts and worked on the final touches.  Here are some frequently asked questions about the TVS Ntorq 125. I’ve tried my best to answer them.




What is the top speed of ntorq 125?
The top speed is 101 kmph. I’ve done test runs many times but it dosen’t go beyond 101 kmph.
HOW IS THE ride quality of the ntorq 125?
The ride quality is one of the main characteristics of Ntorq. It rides exceptionally well. There’s a good amount of torque and power along with refinements, which puts a smile on the face.
Is jupiter better than ntorq 125?
No, Jupiter is not better than the Ntorq. It is less powerful and not as good looking. Ntorq is for those who want to have fun riding a scooter, and not just using it for fetching things from the market.
Is Ntorq a more successful scooter than Activa?
Activa was launched way back in the year 2000. It has been around for years and holds a place in the heart of people. Activa still outsells the Ntorq because Ntorq appeals to the younger generation, while Activa appeals to people of all age groups. In terms of technology, the Ntorq is definitely more successful than Activa, but when it comes to sales, it is not.
What is the real mileage of Tvs Ntorq 125?
If you ride it fast and aggresive, the mileage drops to 30 kmpl. Otherwise on the highways, at constant speeds, it goes upto 40 kmpl. If you ride slow and mild in the city, you can expect something around 34-35 kmpl.
What colour options are available for nTORQ 125?
Matte yellow, Matte Red, Green, White and Silver. (I’ve never seen a silver model, but it’s there on the Ntorq mobile app) (Matte Yellow is the most sold colour. I have the same too. It just looks better than others to me.)