Do this: Tell people around you that you’re going on a solo motorcycle tour.

Some will get excited while others will think you’re going to bore yourself to death.  

And none of them is wrong, they have their own perspective on things. But I’ve been on solo motorcycle tours myself, and it has been an enriching experience for me.  

Now the first thing that comes to mind when I have to go out of the city is:

Can I ride on my motorcycle there?

For me, a long solo ride offers a powerful possibility. A possibility to perceive things better & be in touch with nature.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve come to like solo touring a lot since the first time I went on a tour with my motorcycle alone. 

And I want you to experience solo touring too. That’s why I’m going to give you ten reasons. 


1) Spending Time with Yourself.

motorcycle rider solo

In your day to day life, you’re always surrounded by people and their opinions.

You have responsibilities to fulfill, you have work to be done, and you’re always consuming things which are not yours.

Do you really get to spend time with yourself? I think not.

So the first reason why you should ride solo is to spend some quality time with yourself.


2) Riding Like You Want To. 

solo traveling on a BMW gs

When you ride with others, you have to keep up with their pace. Whether you ride slow or ride fast, the other person you’re riding with may not have the same pace as you.

Riding a motorcycle solo gives you the liberty to go at your pace.

But the rainy season can be daunting for riding solo, isn’t it? So I’m dropping these rain riding tips to help you.


3) Thinking Better. 

touring on a motorcycle solo

Riders tell me that when they’re riding solo, they’re able to think better and more consciously.

Their decision-making ability improves, and they’re able to make a clear choice. When you’re alone, you can ponder upon things and decide for yourself.


4) Appreciating Relationships.


Think you’re taking people for granted? If you ever feel that way, just plan a solo motorcycle trip. The time you spend away from them is the time when you’ll realize their value.

You’ll be able to reflect on how they make your life worthwhile when you’re away from them.

People may not be bad, but relationships always come with some friction.

And the best way to deal with them is realizing the importance of people by spending time alone. 


5) Interacting with New People. 

meeting people on a ride

How often do you interact with new people without an official or personal motive? I think the possibility is very low.

When you’re on a solo motorcycle tour, you don’t have to necessarily make friends with strangers.

But the very possibility of meeting and interacting with a new person is exciting.

Meeting new people is also a great learning & socializing opportunity. 


6) Deciding Where To Go

riding a motorcycle alongside the hills

When you ride solo, there can be no debate over which route to choose. You’re the only sailor of the ship when you’re touring solo.

The destination is yours, the route is yours, the motorcycle is yours.

So the liberty of choosing where to go is yours too. 


7) Practicing Self-Dependence

riding solo

When you’re at home, you seek help and consolation here and there, but in truth, you are always on your own.

By living in the company of friends and family, we tend to become dependent on them.

So, a big lesson you can learn by riding alone is how to become self-dependent.


8) AppreciatIng Nature.

solo motorcycle trip

We all live in concretized spaces, and our connection with the earth and nature is lost. I see riding solo as an activity to calibrate myself with nature.

When you go on a solo ride, you appreciate nature more and come to terms with the fact that it is also living, just like you are. 


9) Challenging Yourself

riding solo on a hill

If you’ve never gone on a solo motorcycle tour, it can be challenging. From day one to the last day of the ride, you’re on your own.

After all, everything that happens is your responsibility. Craving some challenge in your life?

Go on a solo ride with your motorcycle. If you’re in India, here’s a guide for planning your first bike trip to Ladakh. because I know it’s the first destination that comes to your mind when you think about solo motorcycle touring. 



10) Knowing the Mechanics of your Machine.

motorcycle chain

If you go on solo rides often, you may be familiar with the mechanism of a motorcycle. Not that you can dismantle an engine or something, but the basic stuff.

You may know how to maintain your motorcycle regularly, and a few basic repairs too.

But if you don’t know, here are some quick tips for maintaining your motorcycle.

For going on a solo bike trip, you need a good touring bike. But they cost a shit load of money. So If you’re in India, here are some touring motorcycles which you can buy under 5 lakhs.

Lastly, If you’ve decided to tour solo after reading my article, I think you will need these tips by from Indian Backpack Motorbike.