The 12 best motorcycle accessories for Indian bikers.


If you’re looking for useful motorcycle accessories which won’t cost a lot and are actually useful, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ve listed 11 accessories/items which you can buy for your motorcycle and enhance your riding experience. 

Let’s get the show on the road:


1. Trip Machine Hand Grips.

Trip Machine Handle Bar Grips Brown

Not many people know that hand grips can significantly reduce the vibrations on the handlebars of a bike.

If you find vibrating handlebars irritating, you can buy the Trip Machine Handgrips made of authentic leather and available in multiple colors.

Apart from reducing vibrations, handlebar wraps also make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd.

So if you’re looking to accessorize your motorcycle, you must buy them. 


2. Spray Gun.

A water gun for washing

Washing a motorcycle with a pipe can be boring, isn’t it? What if you had a spray gun to pump water with force and clean places where your pipe can’t reach?

A spray gun is a must-have accessory for every rider who likes to keep their motorcycle all shiny and new.

Apart from washing your motorcycle, a Spray Gun like this can be useful in multiple household tasks.



3. Disc Brake Lock.

a black coloured motorcycle disc brake lock with key

You know that feeling when you park your motorcycle in a spooky area and worry if someone will steal it?

It’s legit. Thieves can easily break the handlebar lock, we hear the news every day in India. Hence, a disc brake lock becomes a must-have accessory for bikers.

Some might argue that disc brake locks can also be broken, but it doesn’t matter.

It’s all about having an extra layer of security.

Of Course, some cheap disc locks can be broken easily, but locks like the Abus Heavy Duty, available on Amazon will give a tough time to the thieves.

It’s a solid disc brake lock and doesn’t look like someone will be able to break it that easily.

Also, you can go the extra mile and get alarmed disc brake lock like this which will start beeping if someone messes with it.


4. Chain Lube and Cleaner.

Motul C2 Chain Lube

I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of keeping your chain clean and lubed. It increases the ride quality of your motorcycle and also gives long life to your chain sprockets.

Beware: In India, most mechanics lube the chain with burned engine oil, if your mechanic does the same to your motorcycle, it’s time to stop him.

Burned engine oil doesn’t lube the chain at all. It is quite thick and it can even damage your chain & sprocket.

The best thing you can buy for your motorcycle is this Chain Lube & Cleaner combo from Amazon which also comes with a highly functional cleaning brush.


5. Mobile Phone Holder with Charger.

best mobile phone holder for bikers Want to use GPS effectively while riding a motorcycle? A motorbike phone holder is a must-have accessory for bikers. Since Google launched Bike mode in India,

It has become easier for motorcyclists to reach their destination on time.

But for that, you need a good quality mobile phone holder on which you can mount your phone and access the navigation.

Although there are many mobile phone holders available in the market, the toughest one seems to be the Chevik X Grip holder on Amazon.

It comes with six months of warranty and has a charger too.


6. Air Suspension Seat.

fego float air cell

Bad roads can give you back pain and make your ass go numb. Especially if you’re someone who rides for long distances.

But thanks to innovation and technology, you can now get an accessory seat like the Fego Float from Amazon and save yourself from the thrashing of bad roads.

The best thing about the Fego Float is that it can be used when you have elders, pregnant women and people with back problems as your pillion.

I’ve been using the Air Seat for a year now, and I must say it does the job well.

You can read my review of the Fego Float where I talk about its comfort, fitting and the TWO things I don’t like about it.


7. Gear Shift Pad.

shoe protector for bikers

You may not notice, but shifting gears can damage your shoes in the long run. Mostly because gear shift levers don’t have adequate rubber protection.

If you want your shoes to last long, a rubberized gear shift pad like this will do the job for you. 

But the thing with gear pad is that you will have to wear it on your shoe every time you are about to go on a ride.

And if you don’t want that hassle, you can go for a shift sock like this which you can put on the gear lever and forget about it.


8. Motorcycle Tank Bag.

rynox tank bag for bikers black

Shouldering your bag for keeping small stuff is a hassle. It makes us lethargic and tired, but we need to carry our stuff. So, what should we go for?

A tank bag! It’s a better option to carry your belongings. One of the finest options available in the market today is the Rynox Navigator.

It has a transparent map pocket for keeping your phone and the build quality is surprisingly good for the price point.



9. Throttle Hand Rest.

read colored throttle assist for bikes

A throttle hand rest is one of the simplest motorcycle accessories you can buy. It will save your hands from the fatigue of throttling for long hours.

If you go on long rides often, you should buy a simple and throttle handrest from Amazon, it costs peanuts

High-end motorcycles get cruise control as a luxury feature, but until you can’t afford a high-end motorcycle, the hand rest is the accessory for you. 



10. Rain & Dust Cover for Backpack.

puma rain cover

Imagine you’re riding to your office with your backpack and it starts raining cats and dogs.

At that moment, all you’ll need is a simple rain cover which can protect your belongings inside the backpack.

The valuable items like your laptop, smartphone, and documents can be kept safe if you keep a rain cover like this with you. 

No matter how waterproof your backpack is, it’s always better to go a step ahead and safeguard it with a rain cover. 

After going through multiple backpack covers, my suggestion for you will be this 40L packable rain cover by Puma as it will swallow almost every backpack.


11. Helmet Lock.

anti theft helmet lock by allextreme

Let’s admit it, it’s a hassle to carry your helmet everywhere. It restricts your mobility and you have to constantly look for a place to keep it safe.

Locking the helmet on the motorcycle itself is probably the only way you can avoid that hassle, and for that, you need a strong lock like the All Extreme heavy duty theft lock.

Because low-quality ones can break easily and your helmet can be stolen. The All Extreme anti-theft lock is the toughest lock you can buy below 500 bucks on Amazon.

All Extreme anti-theft lock is a key lock if you lose your keys often or just don’t want to take care of an extra key, get the Autofy number lock, it is equally good.


12. Anti-Puncture Sealant. 

a tyre sealing kit for motorcycles (prevent punctures with this kit)

A flat tyre in the middle of your ride is worse than running out of fuel.

Why do I say that? Because a fellow rider can lend you fuel, but a fellow rider can’t help you with a puncture.

You’ll have to ride a flat tire until you find a puncture repair shop.

But if you’ve sealed your tyres with an effective gel-based puncture sealant by Formula X, you won’t worry about punctures until your tyre lasts. 

If you’re someone who tours on a motorcycle, you MUST keep your tyres sealed from punctures. 

Especially if you’re riding to places like Ladakh where you won’t find any puncture repair shops for hundreds of kilometers.

You can’t ride to Ladakh without a proper plan, and to help you, I wrote this guide for planning a bike trip to Ladakh. It covers everything from itinerary to budget and a lot more.

Always buy a good quality tyre sealant. And don’t get lured into cheap ones because their liquid and bubbles up when riding at high speeds.

Gel ones like the Formula X deliver what they promise and stick to the walls of the tyre firmly. 


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